We are working toward preparation of a journal that will have a uniform format throughout. This is accomplished by putting each manuscript into TeX (AMS, Plain, or LaTeX) for output as in the enclosed samples. Please follow these instructions concerning formatting your document, or give instruction sheet to the person who will be preparing your manuscript for publication in Ulam Quarterly.

Please submit your manuscript on a diskette along with two hard copies, or by electronic mail. Note that it is not necessary to provide running heads or page numbers, as we will take care of this detail on the final pages. Simply supply us with a shortened version of the title of your manuscript which will be suitable to use as a running head. For those of you who have the facilities, or have access to a typist who uses any TeX dialect, we hope very much that you will be able to provide your manuscript according to the instructions.

If your manuscript is not in a TeX dialect, it must be reformatted and reset into a TeX dialect to allow publication in the Journal. If this is not possible but your manuscript exists in electronic form, we would be willing to try converting your version to LaTex or TeX files for output of camera-ready copy. If you are not able to submit your manuscript in TeX there will be a charge of up to $40.00 per page to have it retyped in a form suitable publication (barring a hardship waiver). In any case, you will receive proofs for checking prior to publication.

When we send you proofs electronically, please note the difference between authors' alterations, as opposed to correction of our printer's errors. Lengthy alterations must be held to a minimum and will, if excessive, have to be paid for by the author. We hope you will understand this situation as part of our attempts to hold down publication costs.

With respect to figures, these must be prepared in a manner which allows for import using TeX. Typically this means using PostScript figures. Please type figure captions in 10 point type and center them. The figures should then be included in the text of the article and must fit within the ulam page definition of 11.5 cm wide by 19.0 cm high.

Article preparation in LaTeX is strongly encouraged as this is the easiest means of providing a uniform format. For preparations using LaTeX use the oulam.sty and oulambk10.sty files and follow the instructions in the LaTeX sample file, sample_latex.tex. Authors submitting documents in TeX dialects other than LaTeX should check that thier article is consistent with the instructions in TeX style instructions and in the AMSTeX sample file. If You have any questions, please ask. The goal is to produce a Journal which is the mathematical equivalent of shareware. This means authors must contribute to the success of the process.

Instructions for submitting LaTeX articles
Instructions for submitting TeX articles

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