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The Ulam Quarterly began in 1992 motivated by the belief that the dissemination of ideas in mathematics has to keep up with the technology of mathematics. We believe we were the first electron journal available on the Internet. At that time, the goal was to produce a journal in which the tex files could be downloaded and processed at the local site. This was in part necessary because of the difficulty many sites experienced in downloading the large PostScript files. Indeed, graphics were not part of the old technology.

In trying to update the Journal to current technology, with Volume 3, Issue 1, we have gone to the use of web-browsing technology. This means that it is much easier to access articles. However we have kept the old archival site for tex files at anonymous ftp at eos.st.usm.edu in pub/ulam and we will continue to keep this available. We hope though, that it will be more convenient to use this new technology.

We are producing files in Tex, Latex and AMSTeX. While many of the earlier files were produced in TeX and subsequently in AMStex, the movement has been to support the use of LaTeX. The convenience for us is that the style files oulam.sty and oulambk10.sty are quite easy to use. In that regard, we ask that authors please attempt to make any submissions to the Journal as consistent as possible with the style being used. The cost and difficulty associated with typesetting is tremendous. The Journal is maintained by the contributions in time and effort of mathematicians who are committed to exploring innovative approaches to publication.

Finally, it deeply saddens us at the Ulam Quarterly Journal to have heard of the the death of Paul Erdos. He had always been a most welcome attendee and contributor at the Annual Meetings. He is missed.

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