The Ulam Quaterly Journal is an electronic journal, which means that papers are submitted to editors and refereed as with any other journal. The difference is that the publication is available online.

Editorial Policy

The Ulam Quarterly Journal is dedicated to the universal character of Stanislaw Ulam's scientific interests. These interests led him to make contributions in logic, set theory, measure theory, probability theory, computer science, topology, dynamical systems, number theory, algebra, algebraic and arithmetic geometry, mathematical biology, control theory, mathematical economics, and mathematical physics. In this spirit the Ulam Quarterly Journal is devoted to the publication of original research and open problems in all areas of mathematics.

The objective of the Journal is to disseminate qualified, refereed publications in the mathematical sciences. The Journal is published electronically at no cost to the subscriber, however a printed copy-of-record is kept.


By allowing an article to be published the author acknowledges that the copyright is owned by the Ulam Quarterly Journal. Specifically, this statement accompanies all articles published in the Joural: This electronic publication and its contents are copyright by Ulam Quarterly. Permission is hereby granted to give away the journal and it contents, but no one may ``own'' it. Any and all financial interest is hereby assigned to the acknowledged authors of the individual texts. This notification must accompany all distribution of Ulam Quarterly

Submission of Articles

Submission of article for publication in the Journal should be sent to the Electronic Editor. They will be refereed according to current practice and, upon acceptance, transcribed to a uniform format. There is no typsetting or formatting charge for articles which are formatted using TeX dialacts consistent with the requirements of the Journal. A page charge for electronic typesetting is however levied to the author for articles which are completely consistent with formatting requirements, or are not in electronic-readable format. In cases of hardship this page charge is waived. Contributions of articles covering diverse topics in mathematics are encouraged from all in the international mathematics community.

Non-electronic submission of aricles for publication should be sent to Stan Klasa, Editor-in-Chief, Ulam Quarterly Journal, c/o Department of Computer Science Concordia University Montreal, Canada Electronic submissions can be sent directly to the Contact address listed below.

Instructions for Authors


For more information, please contact:

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